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Thinking by Doing?

Asked recently if my paintings could be made by a robot, without much thought, I said no, not because this seems an intrinsically bad idea (especially since that might contradict my earlier statement that I’m trying to remove myself (or my Self?) from the process - though that in itself would represent a consistent attitude, because I also said at the time that I sometimes say things just to later contradict them, or test their truth or integrity) but because as I suggested one of the aims of the painting I was working on at the time was to introduce so much information or data (and, though at first seeming to be applied in some kind of systematic way, it is more or less randomised), that it would be very hard to programme a robot to do this unless perhaps by some kind of scanning process coupled with some form of automated pipetting. But this would essentially be copying. Would such a programme need to include a clear intention or purpose - which I don’t necessarily have, a large obstacle. Can we attribute intention to an AI? Anyway, it would need to take into account the idea that an important element of art is play (which would have to be defined anyway, perhaps as activity without a clear purpose).

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